Installing the Bislama Spelling Dictionary - Firefox

1. Download the bislama.txt file

This file contains all the Bislama words. It is a simple text file with one word per line.

Download it from here by Right clicking and selecting "Save As" (or it will open in your browser), save to your desktop or anywhere you can find it easily. 

2. Locate your persdict.dat file

To install the Bislama Spelling Dictionary, you have to modify the persdict.dat [a text file with dat extension] located in the profile folder of your Firefox installation.  This is the file that contains your personal dictionary.

Windows XP Location

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile name> persdict.dat holds the personal dictionary entries used by the spellchecker that have been added by you.

Windows Vista/Windows7/Windows 8

C:\Users\<username>\App Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile name>persdict.dat

If you can't find this file, search for "persdict.dat".  If you still cannot find this file, it may not have been created yet (as you may have not added a word to the personal dictionary). To create the file, go to (Using Firefox!) and in the search box type the word "aaaa", right click and select Spellcheck this field. The word should now be underlined and you can right click it and select Add to Dictionary. This will create your new persdict.dat file with just aaaa in it. Remember to delete this word from persdict.dat in the next steps.

3. Shut down Firefox.

4. Open the persdict.dat file using Notepad or any text editor.

5. Copy all the words from bislama.txt into persdict.dat

With persdict.dat open inside Notepad, open bislama.txt in another Notepad window. Copy all the words from bislama.txt and add them to the end of the persdic.dat file. Make sure every word is on it's own line.  Remember to delete that "aaaa" word that you added at the start.

6. Save and close the persdict.dat file, close bislama.txt

7. Restart Firefox.

8. To test:

Go back to and enter lukum in the search box, right click in the search box and select Spellcheck this field. If you have installed it correctly, lukim should not be highlighted with a red squiggly line. Try some other Bislama words and they should work too.