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Installing the Bislama Spelling Dictionary - Word for Mac

There are different locations for storing the custom dictionary files, depending on the Operating System and version of Word you are using.

To install the Bislama Spelling Dictionary you will need to:

  • Locate the folder Word uses to store your dictionary files
  • Copy the Bislama dictinary file to that folder
  • Change the Word settings to include that custom dictionary
  • Test that you have installed the dictionary correctly

1. Locate your Dictionary Folder

Perhaps the quickest and easiest method is to do a search for *.dic. This will locate the folder that contains any existing dictionary files on your system.

2. Download the Bislama Dictionary File

Download the file below and save it somewhere safe (eg in your documents folder). This file is just a simple text file with one word per line so you can edit it with a text editor.

Download the Bislama Spelling Dictionary file for Microsoft Word.

3. Start Word and change settings

Open MS Word 
go to
-> Preferences
-> Grammar and Spelling
-> Dictionaries
-> add
browse to your local folder where you saved the .dic file and select it.

(if you're unable to select it then choose the option to select ALL files, not just the verified dictionaries or the personal one.) 

You have now finished the install.

4. To test the installation:

Open a new Word document, enter the word lukim and press the spacebar. You should not see a red squiggly line under the word if you have installed the dictionary file correctly. 

Thanks to Willy Zamler for these instructions.